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When You Need A Gentle Shove To Write, Read What You've Got Aloud To Other Writers.

If you're a writer, it's good practice to read aloud to a supportive audience. Jackie Casella,

The Founder of #CreativeColloquy, a particularly supportive writers community in Tacoma, Washington USA invited me to read recently. I have several works in progress plus a published series written

in a nom de plume, from which I have read twice before.

Each experience was encouraging and rather forced me to sit down and get to work.

This past year-plus of Covid-19, social distancing, sent us LiveStreaming on Zoom to remain in community. What a technological gift that turned out to be for many.

For the April 19, 2021 offering, I opted to read another chapter from the untitled book I'm currently working on (and have been for over 6 years, making me more of a 'wroter' than a writer these days.)

Click on the link below to listen to some amazing pieces of work from the other 3 readers besides me. I begin in earnest at the 28:35 marking.

I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed reading.


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