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Are You A Healer?

You are a healer if…

You are healing.

You recognize that you have flaws and glitches and are willing to work on them.

You reach out to those in need.

You include others in your prayers.

You are an avid listener.

You embrace others.

You inspire, encourage and support others on their journey.

You repair any enmity in your life.

You forgive others.

You forgive yourself.

You stay grounded as a courtesy to yourself and others.

You lend your power and voice to freedom.

You allow others their lessons and mistakes with impunity.

You allow yourself your own lessons and mistakes with impunity.

You appreciate and love others exactly as they are.

You appreciate and love yourself exactly as you are.

You see the potential and goodness in others.

You hold space for others to recognize their potential and goodness.

You take time for yourself and make time for others.

You feel that what benefits one benefits all and what harms one harms all.

You pick up litter.

You recycle.

You conserve resources.

You volunteer.

You cultivate a loving heart and share it.

You are generous with your affection.

You are alive and present here now.

Thank you for being a healer.

The World Needs You!

Be Blessed.

Take good care.


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