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Jus T'is Has A Story For Me!

Here we are. Jus T'is and Me at Café En Vie, New Orleans, LA 2012

I was invited by Creative Colloquy, to read aloud from the book I am currently writing.

It's a work that has been a long time in the process beginning as an intention to write something longer and more involved than a short story or a post.

Along the way, I realized I may be able to weave two of my unfinished stories together. So depending on how long I can keep it interesting - word count wise - it is much more likely to become a novella. I'd be OK with that. Just to finish it would be a celebration for me!

I'd LOVE to have you listen and offer honest feedback. Writers need that!

I begin at about 21:54 on the recording, however, I invite you to listen to all four of the readers Zooming on this evening's Creative Colloquy. (Nov. 16, 2020) It was lots of fun.


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