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TEN ~ Meaningless Things The Longer We're In Self-Quarantine

#1: THE TIME. What time is it anyway? Is it too late? Too early? It doesn't matter much unless you're supposed to be meeting someone somewhere, which you're not. You're not going anywhere, are you?

#2: THE WEATHER. It's raining? You're staying in. It's a beautiful day in the garden? Great, you could pull some weeds and listen to the birdsong if you could get off the couch.

#3: CONSISTENCY. The only consistent thing is the inconsistency of Coronavirus messaging.

#4: HAIR/NAILS. Bad hair day? Who cares? Mani/Pedi? What's the point?

#5: EXPECTATIONS. Always a tyranny, but in quarantine even more disheartening.

#6: SHOULDS/COULDS. I Should/Could be studying Spanish, writing, meditating, exercising, dieting, working on my tan, cleaning the house, starting dinner, singing, watering my plants, doing laundry, not watch so much news, not waste so much time (see above) but I'm Not.

#7: A CLOSET FULL OF CLOTHES AND SHOES. What have you actually worn today/yesterday/last week?

#8: ENMITY/ARGUMENTS/GRUDGES. How much precious energy is squandered holding on?

#9: PLATITUDES. Have they ever helped anyone? Ever?

#10: TRUMP TWEETS. Always stupid and aggravating. Now coming to us with more dangerous cognitive dissonance than ever.

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